Phresh Inline Carbon Filter


Size: 6" x 0.5m (800 m3/h)
Sale price$244.00

Oversized / Pallet Item

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Phresh Carbon filters are machine packed with 46mm (1.8") RC-48 triple activated virgin carbon, which is the purest available in any industry worldwide. APEX carbon is a purer carbon that results in better airflow and increased maximum airflow.

The aluminium top and conical base (to improve airflow) and the 51% open mesh design mean that these filters are much lighter than other filters of the equivalent size, giving extra peace of mind when suspending them above delicate plants or flowers.

Phresh filters come with a pre-filter that helps increase the products' lifespan; remember to give the machine washable pre-filter a wash roughly once every 6 months. Try to avoid conditions over 35C in temperature and 75-80%+ humidity, which can reduce your filter's lifespan.

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