Pack of 3 Carbon Filters - For use with Opticlimate Pro 3


Size: For use with Opticlimate Pro 3 - 3500
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Pack of 3 Carbon Filters - For Use With Opticlimate Pro 3 Air Conditioning Systems

The carbon filter panel on the Opticlimate’s air intake will need replacing once every 8 weeks. This pack of three carbon filters provides continuous use for up to 24 weeks.

  • 3-pack of filters – lasts for 24 weeks
  • Greatly reduces grow room odours
  • Filters the air of unwanted particulates and pests
  • Designed to have minimal impact on airflow levels

How the Pack of 3 Carbon Filters Works:

The Opticlimate Pro 3 air conditioning systems are equipped with a rectangular carbon filter panel that sits over its air intake to reduce unwanted odours and filter particulates and pests from the grow area. It should be replaced every eight weeks for the system to be fully effective. This pack of three provides optimal filtering for up to 24 weeks.

Please note that the filtering system is not designed to be the sole form of odour control in the growing area. We recommend using a small (traditional cylindrical) carbon filter and duct fan in conjunction with the Opticlimate to maintain negative pressure and help to deal with unwanted smells.

Using the Pack of 3 Carbon Filters:

Installing your new carbon filter is a quick and easy process. Turn your Opticlimate off at the mains outlet, slide the covering panel out from the air intake at the back of the unit, remove the old filter and dispose of it accordingly, then insert the new filter and replace the covering panel.

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