Osram Plantastar-T 600w HPS Lamp (Red Spectrum)


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The Osram Plantastar HPS lamp is one of a handful of bulbs specifically designed for the horticulture market. Data sheet for the Osram Plantastar HPS 

The colour temperature rating of the Osram Plantastar is 2000k, which is firmly in the red spectrum. There is also a substantial amount of light in the blue spectrum to give a more rounded, balanced light for your plants.

The Osram Plantastar uses the standard E40 lamp fitting, meaning it is compatible with all the standard reflectors and 240v ballasts. As such, you can simply replace your current 600w, 240v lamps with this plant-specific lamp. It has been designed with a focus on tall growing plants which may suffer from light drop-off to the lower leaves. The Osram Plantastar gives great penetration into the canopy. This delivers high PAR light to more photosynthesis sites that boost production of sugars, leading to better harvests.

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