Osram Nav-T Super HPS lamp (Red Spectrum)


Option: 600w
Sale price£31.00


Osram Vialox NAV T Super high-pressure Sodium flowering/fruiting lamps are made to the highest standards and have been a benchmark for quality grow light lamps for decades.

  • Super High-Pressure Sodium flowering and fruiting lamps
  • Enhanced blue and red light output
  • Provides optimum energy efficiency

What is the Osram Vialox Nav-T Super HPS Lamp used for?

The Osram Vialox Nav-T Super HPS Lamps are specifically made for use within the flowering and vegetative cycles of your plants. This is because of the amount of blue light being enhanced alongside the red light output. Likewise, these lamps are the most economical light sources in grow room light. They provide maximum efficiency and performance, and the type of light they emit mimics the types of light that occur during the harvest sun, ideal for getting the best flowering possible.

Where can you use the Osram Vialox Nav-T Super HPS Lamp?

The Osram Vialox Nav-T Super HPS Lamp is for use within an indoor grow room environment. Similarly, you can use this with both magnetic and digital ballasts. Plus they are completely dimmable and provide a very high luminous efficacy. 

How to use the Osram Vialox Nav-T Super HPS Lamp                                

To use the Osram Vialox Nav-T Super HPS Lamp simply connect them to a ballast of the same wattage. For example, if you are using a 600w lamp, use a 600w ballast. Failure to match wattages will cause breakages. Simply connect this light using the E40 fixture to your reflector and ballast. For the best results, we recommend using a Lumii 600w ballast to power this lamp.

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