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Size: Opticlimate 6000 Revomax2
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The long awaited, all in one water-cooled units! Comes with a smart remote controller included as standard.

The RevomaxII is a climate control system with our new Infinity DC inverter technology, which has the broadest capacity range of all existing air conditioning units.

How they work in a nutshell; it uses cold water from the tap to cool your room. That water then becomes hot and is either down the drain, OR, you can buy these vertical water cooling towers (essentially a series of pipework with industrial fans blowing on it) which cool the water back down to recirculate back into the system.

IF you don't get a cooling tower, some example numbers to put into context:

  • Using the 6000kw unit which consumes 2-4L a minute
  • 24 hours = 1440 minutes
  • Assuming its max consumption of 4L a minute = 5760L a day draining out
  • However, that number assumes the Revomax runs at MAX for the ENTIRE day 
  • So, let's assume 50% (12 hours), that's 2880L a day draining out

If you're interested in recirculating the water, then for the 6K Revomax, you would need the  Opticlimate Water Cooler - 9KW Compact Ultra Vertical. All you need to do is make sure the cooler is more powerful than the Revomax. You can also have many to one, so multiple Revos to one cooling unit.

Why Choose a Revomax?

  • Digital inverter technology, widest capacity range 30-100%
  • Intelligent steady-state temperature and humidity logic
  • Optimised for LED horticulture growing
  • The perfect climate control all year round
  • Cooling, heating, dehumidifying, circulating and filtering in one device Photocell; the photocell automatically activates the cooling mode in the morning and the heating/dehumidifying mode at night
  • The quietest system available
  • Relatively low energy consumption
  • Dehumidifying possible day and night
  • Adjustable cooling input
  • Built-in dust and carbon filter
  • Ceramic heating + heat pump mode heating
  • Built-in temperature and water leakage safety switch optional
  • Clear and detailed remote control
  • Could be remote-controlled by Wi-Fi or wired
  • Fire-safe! Pre-heat function
  • Slow cool-down function
  • Alarm log function
  • Invisibly concealed
  • Deep cooling is possible, temperatures below 10°C
  • Simply enter the day and night temperature and RevomaxII will do the rest; it doesn’t get easier

We can go as low as 20-30% cooling capacity whereas other products can only go as low as 60%. This results in a super stable climate no matter if the customer installed fewer fixtures than optimum.

TYPE Voltage Phase* power Capacity Dehumidify Power L/24h

Water Cnsmptn


Heating Dimensions (cm) Weight
6000 REV2 230V - 400V 1 or 3 1450W 6 kW 170 2 - 4 3x1000W 86x48x43 89 kg
10000 REV2 230V - 400V 1 or 3 2150W 10 kW 290 3 - 6 3x1300W 96x56x50 99 kg
15000 REV2 230V - 400V 1 3100W 15 kW 441 5 - 9 3x2000W 107x66x51 122 kg
15000 REV2 400V 3 3100W 441 5 - 9 3x2000W 107x66x51 122 kg
21000 REV2 400V 3 4340W 21 kW 610 7 - 13 3x2700W 117x71x56 146 kg
30000 REV2 400V 3 6300W 30 kW 880 10 - 20 3x2700W 123x90.5x54.5 200 kg


Super stable humidity. With the RevomaxII, the humidity will be within ±4%RH from the set-point (fig 1). With the PRO4, the humidity swing will be 20%, and normal air conditioners cannot even control the humidity.

Super stable room temperature. With the RevomaxII, the temperature will be within ±0.2°C from the set-point (Fig 2). dehumidification.

Super stable output (supply) temperature. With the RevomaxII, during dehumidification at night or day, the output temperature will fluctuate at most 0.4°C (fig 3). The temperature swing of the PRO4 can go as high as 40°C and as low as 10°C depending on the indoor temperature. For many applications and plant species this is very important. For example, with green vegetables like lettuce and herbs, high output temperature fluctuations result in stressed plants.

The more stable the output temperature, the less the stress is for the plants. Because of this new feature, the unit can now be used for a much larger variety of applications and plants.The above new features are made possible because of our patented double EEV (Electronic Expansion Valve) technology, and intelligent software. We are the only supplier with this technology. This will bring the RevomaxII to a new level of controllability, flexibility, and accuracy.

The RevomaxII units will also be optimized for growing with LED. When growing with LED, the room temperature rises more slowly than with HID lights, and photosynthesis will be less optimal. With the RevomaxII, the room will be heated up with the DC compressor in heating mode without using external electrical heaters. This way, the optimum temperature will be reached in the fastest possible way and optimum photosynthesis will be reached faster. During heating, the dehumidification process stays active to assure the humidity is still controlled.

Besides this, the RevomaxII units will come with a 7″ Smart Remote controller which can be connected to the internet by Wi-Fi or wired. With this you can control the RevomaxII remotely and receive alarms and warnings by e-mail.

The safest system
The RevomaxII system has all kinds of built-in protection mechanisms that ensure it is one of the safest climate systems on the market.

Built-in temperature protection
The built-in temperature protection disconnects heat sources when a configured temperature protection value is exceeded. E.g. when the water supply is obstructed, your whole crop might be wasted.

Built-in water leak safeguard
A built-in water leakage sensor ensures the water supply is cut off to prevent more damage. This may occur in the event of a burst pipe or broken link or connection, or a blocked sewer.
fireproof system

The RevomaxII is fireproof. All of the electrical components, including the heating and connections, are contained inside the steel housing.

SMS alarm outlet
The RevomaxII has an potential-free alarm contact for connecting devices like an SMS module.

The Smart Remote controller, when connected to Wi-Fi or wired, allows you to receive alarms and warnings by e-mail.

Improve Air Quality
Moisture is everywhere in the air and can have a negative effect on your health and your crops. High humidity can be very damaging and can cause mold, rot, rust, and a musty odor. Too much humidity can lead to dust mites and allergens. It is therefore essential for an optimal indoor climate control to manage humidity. The RevomaxII helps you to create the ideal environment under the most extreme circumstances.

The dehumidification function of all other (water-cooled) air conditioning systems on the market works together with cooling. During cooling, the air is automatically dehumidified because of condensation on the heat exchanger. If there is little heat in the air, the required temperature is quickly reached and the air conditioning stops cooling and thus stops dehumidifying. This results in a high humidity.

Compared to competitors, the RevomaxII has the unique property of being able to continue dehumidifying after the desired temperature has been reached.

Prevent Harmful Substances and Unpleasant Odours
The built-in lightweight dust and carbon filter keeps the interior components free of dust and so-called volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and absorbs disturbing smells such as solvents, softeners, cooking and food odors, smoke and body odors. The dehumidification function also deals preventively with musty odors from mold formation due to condensation.

The water-cooled REVOMAXII / OptiClimate cools the air using water as a cooling medium and warms it up using ceramic heating elements. The REVOMAXII / OptiClimate has a water inlet and outlet. The inlet is connected to the water supply. The cold water is used to cool the air, causing the water temperature to rise from 35°C to 50°C.

The RevomaxII is the only real all-in solution for managing your interior climate, and has the unique property of being able to cool or heat, dehumidify, filter, and circulate air at the same time. You are no longer dependent on the outside temperature and can experience the perfect climate, all year round. You can even retain the ideal temperature during a heat wave. The RevomaxII creates an optimal distribution of air in the room, creating an even temperature. The temperatures can be exactly adjusted to your wishes and will be continuously maintained.

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