Opticlimate Pro 3 - Water-cooled Grow Room Air Conditioning Unit


Option: 2000kW - 3 x 600w Lights
Sale price£2,235.00


The OptiClimate Pro 3 Series water-cooled air conditioner is the only complete solution for indoor climate control that cools, heats, dehumidifies, filters and circulates air. The OptiClimate was developed to efficiently control the indoor climate perfectly while using as little energy as possible.

Note: this is the main unit that cools the room, and the now hot water (where it is absorbed the heat from the room) exits and into a drain or where ever. But if you want to recycle that hot water back in to the system, get one of these water coolers

Operating much more quietly, water-cooled Opticlimates have no outdoor unit, allowing you to have a completely enclosed space. Because it works with water and not coolant gasses, there's no expert needed for installation, it's something you can do at home with guidance from our in-house experts. Its cooling being provided by water also means that electric consumption is low, giving you more wattage to use for your lighting.

  • Creates an ideal grow room microclimate, whatever the weather
  • Can be used inside or outside the grow room
  • Ceramic heaters to deal with low temperatures
  • Water cooling system to deal with high temperatures
  • Dehumidifies the room, reducing moisture levels
  • Much lower energy consumption than a traditional air conditioner
  • Low noise levels – very quiet when running
  • Opticlimate eliminates the need for external chiller units
  • Auto-shutdown feature protects against leakages and potential hazards
  • Pre-heat and slow cool-down function to gradually ease plants into day and night cycles
  • Moderate water consumption of 1-2 litres per minute
  • Can be connected to an alarm system for complete peace-of-mind
  • Can be used both inside and outside the grow area or tent
  • Generates useable water for filling your reservoir
  • Runs on a single-phase residential mains supply


1 x Opticlimate Pro 3 Internal Unit, 1 x Opticlimate Pro 3 External Unit, 1 x Controller Unit, 1 x Temperature Probe, 1 x Humidistat / Light Sensor, 1 x 8m Pre-Charged Pipework

If using the unit at the top of the growing area:
1 x Flange
4 x Insulating Anti-Vibration Feet

If using the unit away from the top of the grow area (outside or low down):
1 x Plenum Box
2 x Flanges (one for the air intake and one for the air outlet)
4 x Insulating Anti-Vibration Feet

Which Size Opticlimate do I need?

Opticlimate Pro 3 Split 3500
Ideal for 6 x 600w HPS grow lights or 4 x 1000w HPS grow lights
Indoor Unit: 870mm x 580mm x 405mm.
Outdoor Unit: 540mm x 450mm x 310mm
Indoor Unit: 57kg (110 lb)
Outdoor Unit: 16kg

Opticlimate Pro 3 Split 10000
Ideal for 16 x 600w HPS grow lights or 10 x 1000w HPS grow lights
Indoor Unit: 990mm x 630mm x 505mm.
Outdoor Unit: 640mm x 550mm x 320mm
Indoor Unit: 120kg (264.5 lb)

Opticlimate Pro 3 Split 15000 inverter
Ideal for 24 x 600w HPS grow lights or 15 x 1000w HPS grow lights
Indoor Unit: 1230mm x 810mm x 545mm.
Outdoor Unit: 1080mm x 700mm x 330mm
Indoor Unit: 150kg (330.6 lb)

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