ONA Air Gel Pot 3.8kg (4L)


Size: Fresh Linen
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The odour control formula contains a special gel, which gradually releases a consistent vapour. The vapours freshen the air and act as odour neutralising agents.

Ona Gel is perfect for small to large-sized grow rooms. It's a long lasting, reliable, and high performace odour control product. Unscrew the product's lid and place it in the best position in your grow room. The neutralising power of ONA gel lasts for weeks. You can top up the gel with the top-quality ONA liquid refills.


  • The product is efficient;
  • The gel is reliable, high-performance, and made of top-quality ingredients;
  • The gel is non-toxic;
  • The product is easy to use and to place in your grow room;
  • The gel is made at the highest ONA performance and quality standards.

The Science

ONA manufacturers some of the most efficient and reliable odour control products worldwide. ONA gels act as odour neutralising agents and have attained a reputable position in the industry for the excellent results they delivers.

The product gradually releases an odour-neutralising vapour into your grow room's climate and eliminates any unwanted smells. The vapour doesn't just mask unwanted scents, it completely eliminates bad smells. The product leaves behind a flavoured yet lightweight flagrance.

The product lasts for several weeks and you can top it up with the ONA liquid as long as the pot doesn't go under 1/3 empty. You can use the ONA gel in small-medium sized grow rooms. It eliminates smells from mildew, mold, plant smells.

How to Use

For the best results, position the ONA gel in a high/ elevated spot in your grow room. Consider placing the product on a table positioned close to the centre of your grow room. Remove the lid. You can top up the ONA gel with ONA's proprietary liquid if the pot doesn't drop below 1/3 of its capacity. One gel pot will last for weeks. It depends on the air movement in your grow room, the humidity, and the temperature levels.

Use ONA Gel according to the provider's specifications and instructions. Keep the gel out of children's reach. Protect the gel from very low or very high temperatures. Store in a dark and safe place. Use protective gloves when you handle the formula.

In case of contact with your eyes, make sure you rinse with water thoroughly and contact a doctor if issues persist.

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