Omega DE 1000W 400V Digital Light Kit


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IThis 1000w 400v Omega Lighting Kit is a top of the range lighting kit for the indoor grower at an affordable price. 1000w 400v technology is more efficient than standard HPS lighting. These kits will cost exactly the same as a standard kit to run but the 400v will produce more light for the same consumption and give at least a 10% higher yield. 

A 1000w 400v lighting kit will produce a much brighter light but at a much cooler temperature. 

This kit includes: 

  • 1 x 1000w 400v Omega Dimmable Ballast
  • 1 x 1000w 400v DE Euro Reflector
  • 1 x 1000w 400v DE Omega Bulb

Included in the Eurowing Digi Light Kit is a high quality Digi-Pro Digital Dimmable Ballast, an open-ended highly polished, dimpled lightweight Omega Eurowing Reflector which gives an efficient and even distribution of light, as well as a high-quality 1000W Omega Dual Spectrum Lamp.

Omega 1000W Digi-Pro Digital Dimmable Ballast

For maximum yields, the Omega 1000W Digi-Pro Digital Dimmable Ballast will deliver. The very latest in cutting-edge Ballast technology, this high-quality ballast offers a dimmable power output to the bulb, which will protect the grow lamps lifetime whilst assisting to reduce power consumption - making it super-efficient. 

All dimmable 1000W Omega Ballasts come with a double fuse system to ensure safety. Plus each ballast also comes with a built-in spare fuse. Omega 1000W Digital Ballast will ensure the grow room has exactly the amount of light required at various growth and development. 

  • Features 10% super lumen setting
  • Uses soft start technology, with no lamp flicker or noise

1000W Omega Dual Spectrum Lamp

Omega Dual Spectrum Lamps are designed to provide more usable lights to plants using two ceramic tubes in the 1000W Dual Spectrum Lamp that ensures optimal light output. 

Dual Spectrum Lamps are perfect for both vegetative growth and flowering as they emit both blue spectrums and red spectrums. The lamp's design also means a reduction in heat - with no negative effects on the lifespan of the lamps. Providing plants a lower growth temperature will also increase yields at harvest time. 

  • 95,000 Lumens output.
  • A lifetime of 24,000 hours.

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