Omega 600w Digital HPS Light Kit


Sale price£65.00


Omega is one of the best affordable light kit brands on the market. It's a high performance, ability to boost the output of a lamp beyond 600w, and comes with a 1-year manufacture warranty!

The Omega Digital Ballast is a high-quality ballast with a dimmable power output to the bulb. The Omega Ballast gives you 4 dimmable options: 250w, 400w, 600w with an additional super-lumen setting, increasing the output to 660w. This fantastic boost option comes into its own in the later stages of the plant’s flowering period.

All dimmable 600W Omega Black Ballasts come with a double fuse system to ensure safety. Plus, each ballast also comes with a built-in spare fuse. Omega 600W Digital Ballast will ensure the grow room has exactly the amount of light required at various growth and development.

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