Newa Therm Eco Nutrient Heater


Size: 100w
Sale price£20.00


NEWA’s highly efficient, fully submersible heaters have precise temperature settings and a dependable thermostat which keeps temperatures constant.

  • Fully submersible, automatic aquarium heater.
  • It maintains the right temperature and gives superior performance, economy and security.
  • Specially engineered to withstand the harsh environment of saltwater aquariums, its features make NEWA Therm eco ideal for use in freshwater as well.
  • Every component has been designed to give precise and efficient heating and to provide years of reliable service.
  • Thermal shock-resistant quartz tube.
  • Provided with a sensitive and dependable thermostat that keeps temperature constant.
  • Lightweight and balanced, with full set of strong supports clips and suction cups for a secure anchorage.

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