Newa-Jet NJ 1700 pump


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The Newa-Jet Water Pumps for wet or dry use! Pumps up to 1700 L/H

Newa-Jet Submersible Water Pumps are quiet and efficient pumps for use in larger systems, moving over 1000 litres of water through an outlet point of between 25mm and 35mm in size. They are a perfect fit for IWS Pro Flexi Pipe (25mm internal diameter) and can be used either fully submerged or out of the water with the included adapter.  

How Newa-Jet Water Pumps Work

Newa-Jet Water Pumps (formerly known as Newa-Jet) are suitable for growers running large scale systems. All Newa-Jet Water Pumps are capable of moving 1000's litres of liquid per hour through an outlet that’s the perfect fit for the IWS Pro Flexi Pipe (with an internal diameter of 25mm). The outlet attachment actually has two different sized barbs which are 21.4mm and 26.9mm in their outer diameter.


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