New Millenium Winter Frost

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Ramp up terpene & essential oil production in the last days of flowering with Winter Frost - giving a purple, red & burgundy colour shifts (winter effect) - almost like SNOW has fallen.

It restarts ripening after fruit and flowers have already reached their peak. A dose of this really maximises the genetic expression & potential of your plants. Enhances essential oil, terpene & flavonoid production

  • Signals winter is coming to your plants
  • Increase in essential oils
  • Promotes expansion of flower sets
  • increase aromatic compounds

How New Millennium Winter Frost Works

The bulk of an indoor grower's work lies in replicating plants' natural environment. For this reason, a cold spell or frost can act as a warning sign to plants, signalling them to channel as much energy as possible into producing fruits. As a result, you can expect to see a massive boost in essential oil production, which in turn increases terpenes.

How to Use New Millennium Winter Frost

Always shake the bottle thoroughly before use and add Winter Frost at 2 - 3ml per litre of nutrient solution. You can use it alongside your other nutrients without a problem. The optimal time to dose is around two weeks before you intend to harvest, though the exact timings will depend on your growing medium.

Soil and Coco

For plants that are getting watered daily, add in Winter Frost for five days, then flush with plain water for a further ten days.

If your plants only need watering every 2-3 days, add in Winter Frost for seven days and flush for seven days.


Simply add Winter Frost for two days before commencing your flush. 

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