Netafim - 4 Way Dripper set with PC-LCNL


Sale price£3.85


This dripper set can be used in bespoke build drip systems. It is composed of 4 drippers connected via a 4mm dripper line pipe to a small manifold and a PC-LCNL emitter to control water flow coming out from the main pipe, the main pipe can be 13mm or 19mm, this dripper set is usually installed on the line.

Suitable for pots, greenhouses, nurseries and landscaping the drippers can be placed to directly target the root zone of the plant. The drippers are designed so that all plants receive the same amount of water, whether elevated or not.

Note however, the norm is to go for one way drippers as on a 4-way, if one emitter blocks  4 plants aren't getting fed.   

Speaking of which, get yourself an irrigation filter like this EasyFeed large filter with barbed fittings, or the 16mm professional filter with barbed fittings, or this 8-bar filter for Floraflex pipework.  

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