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Fight almost all pest problems quickly, easily and safely with nematodes! Harmless to you and your plants, but parasitic to most grow room pests.

A single pack treats 1,000L of growing media (media drench), or a 10m2 area (foliar spray).

Nematodes are fast-acting and easy to use. Once applied, nematodes remain active for 6 weeks!

There are 10 million nematodes of two different species per pack! Together, they’ll treat:

Fungus gnats, cabbage root fly, thrips, carrot root fly, shore flies, cabbage root fly, leaf miner, ants, caterpillars, cutworms, gooseberry sawfly, coding moth, leatherjackets, onion fly.

There’s no chance of overdosing, so don’t be shy – it’s better to buy too many and eradicate your problem once and for all

  • 10,000,000 nematodes per pack (dilution to 32L of water)
  • Treats 1,000L of media (media drench), or 10m2 area (foliar spray)
  • 2 nematode species to fight most pests
  • Easy to apply, quick to work
  • Active for up to 6 weeks
  • Harmless to you and your plants
  • No risk of over-applying

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