Nano Nutrients 10⁻⁹ Coco Base+ A+B


Size: 1L
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nano.10⁻⁹ is the first complete nutrient range engineered with patented nanoparticles! Nanoparticles are 3000x smaller than normal nutrient particles!

Not just another white-label product, this shit is patented! You will not, can not find it in any other product range! The manufacturing process behind it used the most advanced technology of any nutrient currently available.

Nano 10⁻⁹ has been engineered to deliver nutrition at a nanometre scale, making it more easily absorbed and transported.  

Coco Base+ A&B is formulated with optimal ratios of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium, the essential macronutrients that your plants depend on for growth.

It also comes with calcium and magnesium in super-available, nanoparticle form. This eliminates the risk of encountering a cal/mag deficiency while increasing chlorophyll production for faster rates of photosynthesis. It also thickens cell walls, leading to a more robust overall structure that's more capable of supporting fruits.

Mineral nutrients are typically dissolved in water, but in Coco Base+, they are actually suspended. This massively reduces salt build-ups, which makes it a great choice for systems that are more prone to blockages. It also helps to keep pH readings more stable and prevents nutrient dropout and lockout, ensuring that plants get access to everything they need.

How To Use:  1-4ml per litre. 

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