Nano 10⁻⁹ Nutrients Root+


Size: 500ml
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Explosive Root Growth Combined with Potent Nano-Silica

Not just another white-label product, this shit is patented! You will not, can not find it in any other product range! The manufacturing process behind it used the most advanced technology of any nutrient currently available. Nano 10⁻⁹ has been engineered to deliver nutrition at a nanometre scale, making it more easily absorbed and transported.  

Root+ contains an array of growth stimulants that accelerate the development of new roots while boosting the health of existing roots. These effects are heightened by the inclusion of nano silica. Silicon products are renowned for toughening up plants, increasing stem sizes and creating branches that can support bigger fruits. Nano-silica pushes things a step further by utilising Nano 10⁻⁹'s patented technology. This is the most highly available form of silicon you can lay your hands on and it won't affect your pH levels, making it very easy to work with. 

The nano-silica is the most revolutionary feature within root⁺. Traditional nutrients have to deliver silica through a separate additive because of stability and interaction problems. At the nanoscale, silica is suspended and doesn't react or interfere with other elements. For this reason, our nano.10⁻⁹ root⁺ truly redefines what you can achieve in plant nutrition, and you'll also get the benefits of two bottles in one.

How To Use:  1ml per litre from the beginning of the vegetative stages and continue until the end of week five of flower

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