Mother Nature Co2 Generator + Timer


Option: Timer
Size: 5L
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Available in 5L Buckets and 10L Buckets with an air pump included  (a plug in segmental timer is optional)

The Mother Nature CO2 Generator can be used to help circulate CO2 around your grow room to help your plants with their overall development. The bucket has bacteria that produce methane and oxygen from the pump mixes with the methane to produce co2. There is limited bacteria in the bucket and can only produce so much each day. Produces a lot, to begin with then trickles to keep it around 800-900ppm for the day. A 10L bucket cover 2,4m2

Plants use CO2 as part of the process of photosynthesis; using light, CO2 and water to create energy for the plant. Ambient CO2 levels are usually 300-400ppm. As light intensity increases more CO2 can be utilised by the plant which will, in turn, allow the plant to use more of the available light and turn it into energy.

The mother nature CO2 generator is an all in one kit designed to increase the CO2 concentration in a sealed grow room environment, including green houses and grow tents.

Increase your concentration of CO2 to greater than double the PPM of the normal atmosphere simply, effectively and economically.  The generator is designed to be plugged into a lighting timer/relay to only pump CO2 when your plants need it, during 'lights on'. During the dark period the active CO2 producing bacteria come to life, re-energising the bucket.

Plants grown in a concentrated CO2 environment are proven to increase yield, thrive in higher temperatures and grow faster.

Includes an air Pump and airline tubing

  • Increases ppm from 400ppm to 800ppm
  • Lasts for 180 days
  • Activates at 22'c
  • Covers 2.4mtr2


1. Simply plug the supplied air pump into your lighting timer/relay (or a separate timer if preferred) to come on when your lights are on 

2. Route the supplied airline to the back of your circulation fan to distribute the CO2 evenly throughout the growing environment

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