Moonshine Nutrient Enhancer


Size: 500ml
Sale price£30.00


Moonshine has got the whole hydroponics industry talking right now!

It’s a natural product that boosts growth and vigour in practically every area of the plant. With this organic booster expect to see stronger root systems, quicker flowering times, bigger fruits, better aromas and plants with an increased resistance to stress!

  • Powerful organic bio-stimulant that increases nutrient uptake
  • Contains plant growth stimulators (not PGRs)
  • Reduce feed strength by 1/3 for mineral feeds (no reduction needed for organic feeds)
  • Does not alter EC or pH
  • Use right the way through your grow from start to finish
  • Increases nutrient uptake
  • Dramatically increases the growth and development of roots
  • Breaks down mineral nutrients &salts increasing cation exchange capacity in the growing medium
  • Contains sugars which help to fatten out fruits, adding weight and density
  • Improves the quality of your crop, as well as the size of your yield
  • An excellent source of plant hormones, auxin, gibberellin & cytokinin
  • Can be used with any growing medium or grow system - hydroponics, coco and soil!
  • 100% safe - free from carcinogens and other nasty chemicals
  • Increases resistance to drought, disease and adverse environmental conditions
  • Stimulates the production of terpenes - the molecules responsible for pungent aromas
  • Use at just 1ml/litre
  • Helps plants to finish up early - for a faster turnaround time

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