Monkey Nutrients - Resin

Size: 300ml
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Monkey Resin; increases the quality, weight and density of your crops and is 100% certified as being completely free of PGRs. Monkey Resin is a higher-quality PK that promotes a lot more oil production - you can use both alongside the regular Monkey PK, but use it at half-strength 

Monkey Nutrient Feed Chart with PK

Monkey Nutrient Feed Chart with Resin

Boosting oils improves flavour, colouring and oils do not evaporate during the drying process. This results in heavier, more potent harvests with higher concentrations of flavours and aromas.

More oils also means plants get better protection from high light levels and is better set to repel insect attacks. All in all, boosting terpenes gives gardeners many advantages, and being PGR-free is also safe! 

For visible results use Monkey Resinator at just 1ml per litre for 7-10 days into flower cycle unit flush. For even more astonishing results use at 2ml per litre.

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