Mills Nutrients Starter Kit


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Premium Nutrient Range to deliver excellent results with high quality fruits in mind (Ideal for up to 1 metre squared).

Using decades worth of research whilst manufacturing in Holland by using their very own Dutch tradition, Mills Nutrients focuses their range around a simple and effective two part base (A and B) with additional additives to fulfil needs in different growing stages. Because of their intense research it has allowed an organic mineral formula to be created making an effective and easy to use range of products which allow for the best results when growing (even for a first time grower).

Dna Mills Nutrients Nutrients Starter Pack provides a range of products to give your grow everything required for the best results possible including their best seller Vitalize.

These products will;

– Give a well needed trace elements which improves the absorption of nutrients.

– Stimulate photosynthesis.

– Create a larger and dense fruit/flowers due to the product giving protein synthesis and cell division.

– Give the absolute maximum transportation of water and nutrients within the plant.

– Give an improvement on yield, aromas, flavour, and plant vitality.

– Increase the plants immune system meaning a lower chance of having to use pesticides.


Basis A and Basis B (2x 500ml) – Maximising the highest quality of plants!

– Gives improvement in nutrient absorption.

– Lifts up cell division.

– Maximises water and nutrient transportation.

– Gives essential trace elements.

– Improves photosynthesis.

– Maximises the plants immune system.

– Creates a bigger yield and vitality to the plant.

Start R (250ml) – Huge strong Nitrogen boost which will increase the yield and strength in your plants!

– Helps the recovery of after-transplant shock.

– Increases Nitrogen levels.

– Maximises plant vitality.

– Makes nutrient uptake and plant structure stronger.

– Biggest growth stimulator in todays market.

– Contains Nitrogen, humic acids, fluvic acid, L-Amino acids, kelp, and seaweed.

C4 (250ml) – Flowering nutrient which creates stronger fruits!

– This will make your plant, bigger, denser, stronger, and heavier.

– Maximises flowering sets and internodes.

– Gives more sugar production

– Optimises developing flowers with its carbohydrates and nutrients.

Ultimate PK (250ml) – PK gives the ultimate flowers, making them stronger and larger!

– Creates the best quality plants whilst enhancing well needed oil production.

– Maximises the flavour and aroma of your plants.

– Makes plants have a tougher cell structure.

Vitalize (30ml) – Optimises the silicon in your plants to create the best quality possible!

– Optimises the growth of your plant and the vitality.

– Strengthens the immune system by building up a resistance to diseases and pests.

– Maximises nutrient absorption and root structure in your plants.

– Reduces water loss after harvesting.

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