Method Seven HPS+ Operator


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Method Seven’s Operator HPS Plus Eyewear are a must-have. Experience exceptional colour balancing for HPS lighting with Method Seven’s proprietary lenses, wrapped in their Italian-made lightweight Operator frame.

Lens Technology
If yellow haze is in your eyes, these lenses will make you want to kiss the sky. High pressure sodium (HPS) lights distort the natural color spectrum and emit harmful ultraviolet light.

The HPS Classic lenses balance color under HPS lights, so your eyes can work more comfortably, more naturally, and with less strain. Designed in conjunction with Carl Zeiss Laboratories, these durable polymer lenses offer 100% UV protection. A flash silver coating attenuates light, plus it looks cool too. Spot issues like pests or nutrient deficiencies, nip them before the bud and instantly become a better grower.

Frame Technology

The Operator frame is made with Swiss polymer technology, TR-90, for a flexible and lightweight fit. This full wrap frame delivers full coverage with Italian craftsmanship and style.  

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