Method Seven Catalyst Phone & Tablet Clip Eyewear


Size: HPS
Sale price£34.00


Create professional-quality media in a grow room with the Catalyst Phone Clip Photo Filter.

Capture insanely clear and colour-balanced shots in an HPS (BLUE) or LED (GREEN) grow room with Method Seven's easy-to-use phone and tablet lens filter clip.  Note the LED glasses are for Blurple lights only. Will not work with full-spectrum LEDs.
If you want to use them on full spectrum LEDs (most LEDs these days!!), you have the choice of:

The Catalyst clips securely to a phone or tablet, balancing the colour spectrum with a high-quality Carl Zeiss lens for insane optical clarity when used under HPS (High-Pressure Sodium) lights.

The filter screw mount is a 37mm aluminium alloy ring and can be removed and adapted for security cameras.

Made from aircraft-grade high-temperature injected polymer for durability.

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