Medusa Base Booster Baseline Trays


Size: Small (35 x 37cm)
Sale price£6.50


These are higher than the regular Medusa baseline trays which, for existing die hard fans of the Medusa system, have actually been discontinued! Higher ones means faster drain through gravity.

What the baseline trays are for? For those people who are sick of seeing your plants sitting in run off ; sponging, syringing or tipping it out is long AF.  Plants don't like sitting in its own juices either as it starves them of oxygen, which makes weaker and more prone to diseases which will reduce your yield. 

  • Small - 35 x 37cm
  • Medium - 39 x 43cm
  • Large - 49 x 53cm

Baseline trays do away with all of that - all the run off falls down a hole in the tray and in to pipework, that either drains straight into a drain (must be lower than the trays), or into a "brain" bucket which pumps the run off either into a drain (which can then be anywhere as its physically being pumped as opposed to using gravity), or pumps back into your reservoir.

What You Need

The Baseline Trays can connect with either 13mm or 25mm pipe and fittings.

13mm Fittings
IWS M25 Sealing Gland
IWS 13mm Universal Tee-Piece
IWS 13mm Universal Elbow
IWS 13mm Straight Piece
IWS 13mm Flexi Pipe
13mm Barbed End Stop

25mm Fittings
IWS Pro 25mm Tee Piece
IWS Pro 25mm Elbow Piece
IWS Pro 25mm Straight Piece
IWS Pro 25mm Rubber Washer
IWS Pro 25mm Plastic Nut
IWS Run to Waste Brain Controller
IWS Pro 25mm Flexi Pipe

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