Maxibright Varidrive LED 720W Grow Light

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The Maxibright Varidrive 720W LED Grow Light brings you great quality at an affordable price. It offers 1870μmol/s of superior full-spectrum light versus similar LEDs, with more red light, for enhanced flowering. d

LEDs driven by a HPS ballast are a popular option right now and are a great "bridge LED" for those looking to move away from HPS and are on a budget.  We've tested these LEDs with an Apogee PAR meter, and the PPFD outputs are around 1000-1200 PPFD across the canopy from 12" which is amazing! 

However, be mindful that the cheaper LEDs may seem...they will come at a cost; usually less efficient (watts input to PPFD output), run hotter, and the diodes will deteriorate quicker (less PPFD output over time). 

To illustrate efficiency using an example, a DIMLUX 500w Xtreme led on only 55% will give just as much light PPFD output than these 720w HPS ballast LEDs at 100%...but obviously, you are paying more than double for that Dimlux!   

So in summary, if you want to move to LED away from the hot HPS, and don't want to break the bank in the short term, then these HPS-driven LEDs are a great option. An analogy we use in store, it's the difference between getting a run around versus an Audi R8; Lynx Africa versus Paco Rabanne; Elizabeth Duke versus Tiffany; Casio v Rolex.  You get my drift.  

The Maxibright Varidrive LED grow light is an innovative 6x rail, plug & play foldable fixture with long life, and high-efficiency diodes. Buying this superb, energy efficient grow light fixture gives you superb value for your money.

The Maxibright Varidrive 720W LED Grow Light has a footprint from 1.2 x 1.2-metre grow tent up to a 1.5 x 1.5-metre grow tent.

  • One person installation
  • 1870μmol/s PPF full-spectrum light
  • 2.62 μmol/J efficacy
  • Sold with Varidrive Ballast
  • 240W/400W/600W/720W (boost) dimming options
  • Foldable fixture
  • 6x LED bars – perfect for 1.2m2 to 1.5m2 area
  • 3-year manufacturer warranty

This fantastic 720W LED grow light can be used from beginning to end; low power from veg then crank it up for the flower power! It's IP65 rated so it makes it suitable for high-humidity growing environments.

The Maxibright Varidrive 720W LED Grow Light uses 6x light bars for an even footprint of full spectrum light with added UV to benefit strong flowering. The foldable design makes it easy to store, carry, and allows a one-person installation.

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