Maxibright LED DAYLIGHT Lighting Controller


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The new Maxibright DAYLIGHT Lighting Controller is designed and manufactured to power one or more CMH or LED technology grow lights.

The Maxibright Daylight Lighting Controller offers functionality like sunrise/sunset, dimming to control grow room temperatures and controlling the timing for banks of interconnected lights.

The iLink ports allow you to connect one or multiple daisy-chained light fixtures centralising control. The controller has two independent zones (A & B) allowing you to control up to 400 x HID ballasts (200 per zone) or 100 x LED drivers (50 per zone).

If you daisy chain multiple compatible lights, you'll need an iLink cable to daisy-chain every extra light fixtures in use.

For example: For two LED lights, you'll need a controller and one daisy chain cable, if you've three fixtures, you'll need two cables etc.

The controller features a 24-hour on/off timer and a dimming range in 1% increments: LED - 20%-100% HID - 50%-100%. Temperature safety controls act to dim light fixtures to protect your plants against high temperatures and issues like heat stress.

The Maxibright Daylight LED Controller is compatible with:

  • Maxibright Daylight 660 W LED
  • Maxibright Daylight 480 W LED
  • Maxibright Daylight 315 W HID

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