Maxibright Digilight Pro Max GOLD 600W 240/400v


Sale price£145.00


Maxibright Digilight Pro Max GOLD 600W (400V or 240V) uses the latest digital ballast technology to provide a 10% higher PAR output per watt for increased yields.

It can power a variety of 600 Watt 400V lamps manufactured by quality brands such as Philips and Sylvania, also powers all traditional 230V Lamps, including Metal Halides. The only ballast on the market to achieve this.


  • 4 Power Modes: 400w/500w/600w/660w
  • Surge Control
  • Soft start technology
  • Fast lamp re-strike
  • Runs 230V and 400V Lamps
  • End of lamp life detection
  • Thermal protection with auto re-set
  • Short circuit protection
  • Diagnostic LED feature
  • Silent and Lightweight

Measurements: 31.5cm x 10.6cm 8.2cm

Weight: 2.9kg

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