Maxibright Digilight Pro GOLD 600W 400v Light Kit


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Maxibright Digilight Pro Max Gold 600w 400v Light Kit

Ge more par! 400V lamps are more efficient; efficiency = more light = more yield!

The Maxibright DigiLight Pro Max Gold is the pinnacle of digital ballast technology, allowing you to power the new high PAR output 600W 400V system lamps, like the Philips Green Power 600w 400v in this kit, from your domestic 240V supply! This gives you 10% more PAR output per watt than a conventional HPS lamp which means you achieve more usable grow light for your plants. You can also use regular 240v MH/HPS lamps with this ballast.

This kit comes complete with:
- Maxibright Digilight Pro Max Gold 600w 400v and 240v (dimmable)
- Philips Green Power 600w 400v lamp (Simply put the most efficient 600w HPS lamp on the market)
- Euro reflector

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