Manual Watering Kit - No Pump

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Same as our other complete watering kit, but this product is for those who already own a high pressure pump.

For those not quite ready (or not actually wanting to!) upgrade to an automated watering irrigation system like the Flora Flex, this handy watering kit will make watering your plants with a 1L jug a thing of the past ! Everything you need is in this kit to water your plants at speed.

What you get:

  • Aqua King coupling
  • Inline filter
  • 5m Hose
  • Hose end connector
  • Spray Lance

The telescopic Spray Lance allows you to effortlessly water plants in awkward hard-to-reach areas of your grow room.  We've seen some naff ones in our time, but this lance sprayer is built to a high standard and features a flexible head so you can change the angle of spray, and the head has several spray patterns (twist the head to change the modes)

The telescopic handle stretches 90-135cm with a trigger release mechanism for quick and easy length adjustments.

Please note: Do not run the Pumps dry or you could risk burning out the motor

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