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What is Mammoth P

Mammoth P is a unique combination of powerful microbial life forms purposefully selected and designed for soil and hydroponics systems.

Mammoth P

  • Maximises soil / growing media health and optimises plant health and yield
  • Proven 16% increase in yield and accelerated resin production.
  • Increases Phosphorus levels which keeps internodes shorter and boosts flower production; this, in turn, helps protect the rhizosphere, beating harmful pathogens.

How It Works

The benefits of Phosphorus are widely known; it's a key component required for healthy growth through growing and bloom phases.

Mammoth P unlocks any Phosphate that has been bound up with minerals, increasing the bioavailability. The increase in Phosphorus leads to an increase in every part of the plant’s life, whether rooting cuttings or in bloom.

Mammoth P also works incredibly well in coco media. Locking out Phosphorus is common with Coco because it releases potassium and absorbs calcium. So any potentially lost Phosphorus is unlocked. Researchers studied how microbes increase crop yields, and they discovered four microbes they believe boost yields:

- Pseudomonas putida
- Comamonas testosteroni
- Citrobacter freundii
- Enterobacter cloacae

These microbes have the ability to unlock Phosphorus in the soil. Fertilizers are added to soils and other media, leading to up to 70% of Phosphorus being unavailable to plants due to transformations and chemical binding. Mammoth P solves this problem, transforming P back into available forms, maximising nutrient absorption and increased yield.

How to use Mammoth P

Use during all stages of the growing and blooming phases to increase boost vegetative growth, increase floral production and nutrient uptake in the plants’ cycle.

In hydroponic environments, it can be applied at a rate as little as 0.16ml per litre!

In soil applications, its application rate varies slightly throughout the life cycle of the plant. Following the Mammoth P feed chart of the product, you increase the concentration slowly up to the maximum rates at peak flowering times, where it is then tapered back down during the flush period. The most you will ever use at one time is 1ml/L, making a highly cost-effective microbial additive.

Mammoth P has a near-neutral pH range and, as such, will not interfere with your usual nutrient regimen.

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