Luxx DE 1000W Grow Lamp


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The Luxx Lighting DE 1000W HPS lamp is probably one of the best and latest Double Ended grow lamp on the market today.

Having a superior output and a vastly improved life over alternative lamps of this kind, make this lamp the choice of professionals in California.

Double-ended 400V 1000W HPS lamps are more efficient than standard HPS lamps, turning more of your electricity into light. A 400V 1000V light costs exactly the same to run as the 230V system but the 400V HPS lamps produce up to 10% more light in comparison.

Luxx Lighting DE 1000W HPS lamp is suitable for use in all the 1000W DE fixtures.


  • PAR: 2108 umol/s; Kelvin temperature 2000°;
  • Specifically designed for high-frequency electronic ballast;
  • The absence of frame wire eliminates any shadows in beam;
  • The jacket is made from quartz glass;
  • For horizontal installation only;
  • One year warranty.

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