Lumii Envirogro TLED Fixtures


Size: 2ft - 2 Tube (18w)
Sale price£69.99


These LED propagation lights are designed for rapid rooting and propagation of seedlings and cuttings with a colour temperature is 6000k which is ideal for propagation and bringing on young plants.

The units are lightweight, easy to install, have a lamp life rating of up to 25,000 hours and benefit from low energy consumption. Replacement TLED tubes can be found here.
Featuring 2ft 2 or 4 x 9W TLED lamps, or the longer 4ft which have 4 x 18w led bars,  they produce a strong, cool light without generating excess heat.

  • Cool Running Tubular LED Technology
  • Highly Energy Efficient: 130 lm/W 
  • Long Lasting
  • High Yield Potential
  • Low Running Costs
  • Lightweight and Easy to Install
  • 6000k Colour Temperature
  • Linkable units*
* There are 2 power sockets on each fixture. The (male IEC) socket nearest to the on/off switch is the power input. The (female IEC) socket at the opposite end is power output.
To link fixtures, use a LUMii Extension/Link Lead of appropriate length to connect the power output socket of the first Fixture to the power input socket of the second fixture, and so on. Ensure that the total load at the power socket does not exceed 6 Amps.
Simply hang the unit, usingrope ratchets above the propagator. Due to the lack of heat, TLED lights can be placed as close as 15cm away from your plants, if leaves start to lighten in colour, raise the light. EnviroGro TLED Fixtures have a link socket option so that multiple units can be run from a single power lead.  
The 4-tube TLED has 2 on/off switchs to allow the use of 2 or 4 tubes contained within the tent and humidity can be controlled more effectively.
The 2-tube TLED provides ideal coverage for a standard 58cm x 40 cm propagator, the 4-tube version will cover 2 of these props.

A larger area can be covered by raising the lights.

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