LUMii BLACK LED 720w LED Grow Light

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LEDs driven by a HPS ballast is a popular option right now and are a great "bridge LED" for those looking to move away from HPS and are on a budget.  We've tested these LEDs with an Apogee PAR meter, and the PPFD outputs are around 1000-1200 PPFD across the canopy from 12" which is amazing! 

Add extra juice to this setup with the pair of Power Plant UV/ Far Red 25w bars! 

Be mindful that these cheaper LEDs may seem...they will come at a cost; usually less efficient (watts input to PPFD output), run hotter, and the diodes will deteriorate quicker (less PPFD output over time).

To illustrate efficiency using an example, a DIMLUX 500w Xtreme led on only 55% will give just as much light PPFD output than these 720w HPS ballast LEDs at 100%...but obviously, you are paying more than double for that Dimlux!   

So in summary, if you want to move to LED away from the hot HPS, and don't want to break the bank in the short term, then these HPS-driven LEDs are a great option. An analogy we use in store, it's the difference between getting a run around versus an Audi R8; Lynx Africa versus Paco Rabanne; Elizabeth Duke versus Tiffany; Casio v Rolex.  You get my drift.  

Important, you NEED to have a LUMii Black 600W Digital ballast to power this thing; this is the same ballast used for the LUMii Black HPS kits.

  • PPF 1870umol/s (2.6umol/w for comparison)
  • Weight (LED fixture only) – 7.8kg
  • Overall size in use – 110cm x 108cm x 5cm
  • Lightweight making it easy to install and adjust the height
  • You can mount the ballast directly onto the fixture, or positioned it away from the light unit.
  • Dimmable from 250W, 400W, 600W. For maximum power, you'll need to use the 600W Boost setting.
  • Full Spectrum - Perfect for use from start to finish

Hanging Options

1. On the LED frame; the ballast can be fitted to the LED Fixture using the brackets and fixings supplied.

2. Remote; the Ballast may be positioned remotely from the LED Fixture using LUMii Extension/ Link Lead.

  • Option 1 is simpler and requires no extra components. However, the heat emitted by the ballast will tend to contribute to the ambient temperature of the growing environment during the light / growing period of the day.
  • Option 2 requires the purchase of LUMii Extension/ Link Leads (refer to fixture instructions to select these), but if the ballast is positioned remotely then the heat management of the growing environment is easier, and the Ballast and LED Fixture can be controlled without entry to or disturbance of the grow room.

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