Lumii Black 600w Digital Ballast

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The LUMii DIGITA Ballast is one of the quietest on the market, with no hum or vibration. It is also one of the smallest and coolest running ballasts available. The LUMii DIGITA is very lightweight; a 600w is only 3kg, compared with 8kg for a 600w magnetic ballast.

The LUMii DIGITA ballasts have safety features built-in that protects the units circuitry if a short is detected. When the ballast detects an abnormal input or output voltage due to an old or damaged lamp, it will not attempt to ignite the bulb.

The LUMii DIGITA Ballast is resin covered inside, helping to protect from dust ingress to the components and creating even heat distribution, meaning there is no fan.

How does the dimmer switch work?

The dimmable features on the LUMii DIGITA ballast allow the user to control the light output using the phase controller. The dimmable has 4 settings, including a boost setting, giving the user great control. For best results, use the correct lamp per wattage setting.

Wattage 400w, 600w, 1000w
Core N/A
Technology Fully Electronic
Ignition N/A
Case Metal Alloy
Power Lead 2m
Voltage 240v
PF 0.95
Running Amps 400w – 1.8 amps
600w – 2.9 amps
1000w – 4.6 amps

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