LUMii 1000w 400v Dimmable Digital Ballast


Sale price£160.00


The LUMii 1000w 400v Digital Ballast is the entry point into professional-level 1000w lighting. Giving you many of the features of more expensive ballasts without the high price. Switchable between 600w, 750, 1000w and able to boost to 1150w, you have full control to keep your plants at their optimum light and temperature levels.

  • Great value for money
  • Switchable output - can efficiently drive a 400, 600 or 1000 Watt HPS or MH lamp. No need for separate ballasts
  • Has an “overdrive” facility for 1000 Watt lamps
  • Runs cool
  • Silent running


1 x LUMii 1000w 400v Digital Ballast, 1 x 2m mains lead.

How the LUMii 1000w 400v Digital Ballast Works:

The LUMii 1000w 400v Digital Ballast converts mains electricity to the correct voltage and current to start-up and power a 600, 750 or 1000 Watt HPS or MH lamp using a microprocessor to monitor and control a digital power-output system constantly. Digital Ballasts produce more lumen output, use less electricity and do not degrade with age like core and coil type ballasts which become noisy, use more electricity and produce fewer lumens as they get older.

How to Use the Lumii 1000w 400v Ballast:

Although the LUMii 1000w 400v Digital Ballast runs fairly cool in use, it should still be located on a flat, firm surface (not carpet) and in a well-ventilated location. It should never be covered, and there should be no combustible items in the vicinity just in case. Connect the input lead of your reflector to the output lead of the ballast, ensuring the cable is not pulled tight and does not come into contact with anything hot (e.g. lamp, reflector, ballast). Ensure your lamp is tightly screwed into the bulb holder and that your reflector is at the correct height.

Use the power-output switch to select the desired output wattage. 600 Watt lamps can be used at 600 Watts, 1000 Watt lamps can be used at 1000 Watts or turned down to 600 Watts or 750 Watts. 1000 Watt lamps can only be used on the “overdrive” setting, which increases the output by 5-10%, increasing the light produced by the lamp. Once the correct output wattage has been selected, connect the mains plug into an electrical outlet socket and switch it on. The ballast will start up and light the lamp.

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