Lumatek 650w VF Series Driver


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DIMMER INCLUDED!! The Lumatek VF 650W Series Driver will allow you to operate your VF90w and 120W LEDs. Thanks to this driver you will be able to make your VF LED bars work to add to your indoor crops with young plants or cuttings.

Connect up to 7 VF 90w LED bars or 5 VF 120W LED bars .

It is possible to vary the power of the controller manually from 0 to 10V and it is also possible to connect this power supply to the Lumatek Plus 2.0 control panel .

Lumatek LED VF Driver includes:
1 x VF650W LED Driver
1 x 4m power cord with plug
1 x 0-100% manual dimmer
1 x 1.5m power output cable to connect the controller to the device
1 control cable 25 cm 0-10 V to connect the controller to the driver
1 user manual

Lumatek VF 650W Series Power Supply info:

  • Driver for VF90W and VF120W LEDs
  • Dimensions : 230x120x50mm
  • Weight: 2Kg
  • Input voltage: 220-240V AC 50/60Hz
  • Input power at 230 V AC (100%): 103W for VF90W / 130W for VF120W
  • Input current at 230 V AC: 0.45 A for VF90W / 0.62 A for VF120W
  • Operating temperature: -20º / +40ºC
  • Working humidity: 20% - 90%
  • Waterproof: IP65

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