Loadstar (Ultra Vivid) CFL Lamp - Blue


Size: 125w
Sale price£26.00


Illuminate your indoor garden with LOADSTAR (aka Ultra Vivid) BLUE Spectrum CFLs – the ultimate choice for vibrant and thriving plants! Tailored specifically for indoor gardening and horticulture, these compact fluorescent lights are your green thumb's best friend during the crucial vegetative stage.

You will need this CFL hanger to light this lamp

Dive into a spectrum that promotes the growth of leaves, stems, and lush foliage, all while preventing your plants from reaching towering heights. LOADSTAR BLUE Spectrum CFLs offer versatility with a range of wattages and sizes, catering to various indoor gardening setups. Efficiency meets longevity as these lights are designed to be both energy-efficient and long-lasting, giving you a cost-effective lighting solution that keeps your garden flourishing.

Say goodbye to space constraints because LOADSTAR BLUE Spectrum CFLs are perfect for compact areas like grow tents and small grow rooms. What's more, they're the cool choice – emitting minimal heat, reducing the risk of plant damage, and making it a breeze to maintain the perfect growing conditions.

Join the community of savvy indoor growers who trust LOADSTAR for an efficient, cost-effective, and plant-boosting solution during the crucial vegetative stage. Illuminate your garden with LOADSTAR BLUE Spectrum CFLs – where growth meets brilliance!

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