Large Domed Propagator with Single Height Extender Set

Early GrowSKU: 7192

Size: No Heat Mat
Sale price$69.00


UK made! Great for those doing large clones! Single height Measures 58 x 38cm and 35cm tall! Save ££ when you buy the 30w Hobby Heat Mat at the same time! 

This Large Propagator with a single height extender set is designed for use in the germination of seeds and protection of your little babies/seedlings in an environment which optimizes conditions for germination and growth.

The vented lid and the extra height mean better control of humidity during germination - when the vent is closed, it'll preserve moisture and heat improving results.

It's easy peasy to add additional height extensions so your little ones can grow bigger before they're planted in the big outdoors. The height extensions are easily assembled and disassembled using the provided thumb nut and screws for compact storage when not in use. 

Lids are shatterproof lid and the sides are UV stabilised and crystal clear to allow for maximum light from either sunlight or grow lights for optimal plant growth.

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