King Crab

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Size: 32oz / 946ml
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King Crab will add extra life to your plants root zone increasing your plants nutrient uptake and increasing your yields! Developed in the USA by Plant Success (the creators of Great White) King Crab contains 275 million organisms per ml and is compatible with soil, coco & hydroponics plus existing plants too. With a super low dilution rate of 1/2ml to 1 gallon – King Crab is very cost effective and will bring you results!

How To Use King Crab
King Crab can be used once a week for optimal results mixed at the below dilution rates - always shake well before use. King Crab can be used alongside any nutrient line:

1/2ml King Crab - 1 Gallon Water
1ml King Crab - 10 Gallons Water
5ml King Crab - 50 Gallons Water

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