Jiffy Peat Pellets


Size: 50 x Jiffy Peat Pellets (12p each)
Sale price£6.00


Made from the highest quality sterilised peat to exacting standards, Jiffy-7 Peat pellets are widely used in commercial horticulture across the globe.

By far the best selling size of those listed below is the 41mm x 42mm, this size fits perfectly into any of our Grodan Transplanting Cubes that are listed as having a large hole. Simply place the pellets into a saucer or propagator (hole side up - you will see what we mean when you have them in front of you), add a little tepid tap water to the bottom of the container and watch them expand over a 20 minute or so period.

The pellets have a PH of 5.3 so the is no need to PH adjust the tap water, they are also fully fertilised so nutrients are also unnecessary at this stage.

If seeds are going into them make a little hole in the top of the peat about 5mm deep, drop the seed in and gently recover. For cuttings simply make a hole deep into the pellet with a cocktail stick of similar object, take the cutting and dip in Clonex then push the stem approx 2/3 of the way down into the pellet.When it's firmly seated very gently press the peat down around the stem of the cutting to make sure no air can get in and to add support.

When roots show you can either pop the pellet down into a Grodan Transplanting cube.

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