IWS Flood & Drain Pots, Stands and Outers

IWSSKU: 4444

Option: IWS Aqua Inner - 6.5L
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The IWS Inner Pot sits inside a separately available IWS Outer Pot as part of an IWS System and houses your choice of substrate.

Universal Pot Stand

The IWS Universal Pot Stand is an essential component of an IWS Flood & Drain system, providing the platform for your IWS Outer Pot and IWS Inner Pot to sit on. This stand raises your containers so that, when you flood the substrate, nutrient solution will rise to exactly the right level. Features a sloped surface for draining nutrients back to the reservoir, with a V-shaped indent to accommodate an IWS Gland.

320mm (d) x 85mm (h)

Inner - Aqua Pot

The Aqua Inner is effectively a net pot, with drainage areas covering most of the bottom and sides. It is best used with free-draining mediums with low water retention, such as clay pebbles. Holds 6.5 litres of substrate.

185mm (h) x 285mm (d)

Inner - Culture Pot

The Culture Inner has been designed for use with finer substrates, like coco coir. The Culture Inner's sealed sides help to prevent fragments of the substrate from blocking up the system, while still providing excellent drainage. Holds 6.5 litres of growing medium.

185mm (h) x 285mm (d)

Punch Pot - any substrate!

The Punch Inner makes full use of the space inside your IWS Outer Pot, with straight sides and a drainage area covering the bottom. The Big Punch inner can be used with any medium. Holds 10.5 litres of substrate.

185mm (h) x 285mm (d)

Outer Pot

The IWS Outer Pot sits on top of the separately available IWS Pot Stand and houses your choice of IWS Inner Pot. In a flood & drain system, the IWS Outer provides an area to flood the substrate from underneath. The Nutriculture Outer Pot Drilled is a top-quality IWS spare part, which sits on top of the pot stand. The Outer Pot houses any type of inner pots. In a Flood and Drain system, the Outer Pot offers an area to flood the growing medium from underneath. The Outer Pot Drilled is also suitable for Dripper systems. The product is made of strong and resistant plastic for long-lasting high-performance. Growers use the Outer Pot Drilled to reach increased harvest yields and grow top-quality crops.

230mm (h) x 290mm (d)

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