IWS Flexitank + Pipes & Pump - Pro

IWSSKU: 3708

Size: 100L
Pipes & Pumps: Without Pipes & Pumps
Sale price$62.73


This kit contains everything required to install a Flexi Tank for use with an IWS Pro (25mm) set-up, including irrigation fittings, flexi pipe, High pressure 4000lph pump and power connection.

Rigid plastic reservoirs can be awkward to store, transport and get into certain places. The Flexi Tank is a simple and elegant solution to those problems. The main tank fabric is made from thick, strong and flexible material with a zippered lid and the whole thing folds up flat, like a tent, for easy storage. The five support legs slide easily into ready-made vertical slots in the fabric and hold the Flexi Tank in shape vertically.

Flexitank Sizes

25 Litre FlexiTank Assembled: 30cm (dia) x 37cm (high)

50 Litre FlexiTank Assembled: 35cm (dia) x 53cm (high)

100 Litre FlexiTank Assembled: 43cm (dia) x 78cm (high)

225 Litre FlexiTank Assembled: 63.5cm (dia) x 81cm (high)

400 Litre FlexiTank Assembled: 68cm (dia) x 111cm (high)

750 Litre FlexiTank Assembled: 90cm (dia) x 117cm (high)

1000 Litre FlexiTank Assembled: 120cm (dia) x 90cm (high)

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