Idrolab - Idro Infinity Tray


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Note: We don't hold these on deck, but it's a phone call away for us and we'll get it in usually next day

Idrolan Infinity Trays are 100% Made in Italy with ABS virgin plastics with consistent thickness to provide fine quality, optimal integrity, shock resistance and long-lasting durability. The plastic is BPA-free and 100% recyclable. After vacuum thermoforming printing each tray if refined with a laser-driven CNC milling machine to create optimal and smooth edging.

The Idrolab Idrotray is a highly versatile component used to create drip or flood & drain systems. Made from ABS plastic, you can expect a more durable tray than most others currently available on the market today. Each module is 120cm x 120cm.

Idrotrays come as a Start, Middle, or End tray that can be easily connected using a silicon or cement-based glue. They are 100% recyclable, chemical resistant and retain minimal fluids making them a great choice for your system.

Highly versatile
Low fluid retention
100% recyclable
High melting point
Low thermal expansion
Can be extended to whichever size you need for your facility

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