Hydrotops Triple F


Size: 125ml
Sale price£43.50


The now legendary Triple F (Fully Formed Flowers) developed by HYDRoToPS in 2002 has proven itself to be probably the best floral stimulation product available for both soil, coco and hydroponic growers. Developed, tested and refined over several years, triple F never fails to surprise even the most experienced of growers with the results of using this 100% organic floral stimulant. Rather than applying chemical morphogenic agents to induce and enhance floral response, triple F is based on the natural symbiosis of carefully selected microbes working to protect and enhance with your plant’s root system.

  • Available in 125ml, 250ml and 500ml packs.
  • No plant growth regulators (PGR’S)
  • 100% Organic.

Triple f increases nutrient assimilation in addition to positively stimulating protein synthesis, carbohydrate metabolism, photosynthetic carbon dioxide fixation and enhanced cellular division. You will see a marked increase in flower and fruit density and an increase in potassium and phosphorous assimilation just when your plant needs it. Water and nutrient consumption will increase significantly resulting in greater fruit and flower production for a good harvest.

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