Hydrotops Leaf Feed Foliar Spray


Size: 1L
Sale price£24.00


Add HydroTops Leaf Spray to water and spray directly onto their leaves. This gives them added support in situations where nutrient assimilation via their roots falls short of their needs, particularly during the vegetative growth stage or during times of environmental stress.

During the vegetative growth cycle, when a plant's roots are running at their maximum capacity, the only shortfall comes with not foliar feeding. Hydrotops Leaf Feed encourages extensive branch and leaf formation and also enhances the effect of other Hydrotops products such as Top Heavy Crop. Hydrotops Leaf Feed is tailored to your plants' vegetative requirements, supplying extra amino acid chains and enzymes that act as a  growth stimulus for extra vigorous plants.

  • Boosts branch and leaf growth in the vegetative cycle
  • Tailor-made for vegetative plants
  • Supplies extra amino acids and enzymes when plants need it most
  • Can be used in conjunction with all Hydrotops products
  • Works especially well with Hydrotops Top Heavy Crop
  • Comes in two sizes

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