Hydrotops Flower Feed Foliar Spray


Size: 1L
Sale price£25.00


Sometimes it isn’t enough just to encourage growth, gardeners need to control the quality and direction of that growth too. In the case of flowering plants, it can be beneficial to promote strong, compact growth and prevent excessive stem elongation.

Not only does this increase the sturdiness of the plant, but it also improves its crop and visual appearance. HydroTops Flower Spray is designed to do exactly this by addressing nutritional imbalances and supplying essential amino acids, enzymes and growth enhancing stimulants.

Simply add it to water and spray directly onto their leaves. It encourages the energy expended on growth to be directed towards quality flowers, rather than excessive stem growth, improving the plants’ visual appeal and overall hardiness. This solution should be mixed with water, as per the ratio and instructions advised.

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