Hydrotops Floral Boost


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bioponic floral boost is designed to reflect the change in nutrition demand during the third to sixth weeks of the bloom period, as the plants’ nutritional uptake continues to rise before peaking. During this period, the ratios of nutrient assimilation change rapidly. Adding biop0nic floral boost to your nutrient solution increases the supply of nutrient ions in proportion to your plants’ increasing needs. One universal formulation that’s suitable for all water qualities.

  • Available in 1 litre, 5 litre and 25 litres.
  • No plant growth regulators (PGR’S).

Encouraging bountiful setting of flowers and fruit. In addition to phosphate and potassium at optimal ratios, bioponic floral boost also contains added magnesium and NH-4 nitrogen to maintain an optimal profile in your nutrient solution. The solution pH may fall during this stage, which allows greater assimilation of phosphates essential for profuse fruit and flowers.

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