HydroLab Tent LAB120-SX -120 x 60 x 160cm


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"The Hydrolab LAB120-SX (120cm x 60cm x 160cm) is a small grow tent that has a narrow footprint and short ceiling height of 160cm,this makes it ideal for growing in a tight space or in a room with height restrictions.

This tent also makes a good home for cuttings or mother plants by turning it on its side giving you a larger floor space to work with. We recommend using a 400w grow light for this particular model.

- Guaranteed for 1 year

- Thick 22mm steel frame (hang up to 80Kg)

- 99% light proof

- Diamond cut mylar interior

- Military grade zips

- Over-sized ventilation socks

- Tough outer shell with reinforced corners

- Removable spill tray

- Fan/filter hanging straps

- Non-toxic plant friendly materials

- Pest guard passive vent windows;

- Electrical socks top and bottom

- Locking frame connectors

Size (WxDxH): 1.2m x 0.6m x 1.6m (4' x 2' x 5'3"")

Frame thickness: 22mm x 1mm

Interior lining: Silver Diamond Mylar

Suggested lighting: 400w

Suggested Airflow: 1 x 4"" EC Intake fan, 1 x 5"" EC Extraction fan

Hanging bars: 3 x 22mm (80kg Max.)

Intake vent socks: 2 x 18cm (7")

Extraction vent socks: 4 x 18cm (7"")

Cable stocks: 2 x 10cm (4"")

Primary access doors: 1 x front

Passive vent windows: 2 x side

Filter/fan hanging straps: 4 x 115cm

Fabric weight: We stopped using 600D material a few years ago in favour of a superior tri-layer 210D fabric. We found this fabric to be more light proof whilst still offering excellent durability. In fact, since using this material we have never had a return due to rips or splits.

Box Size: 124cm x 26cm x 15cm

Gross Weight: 14KG

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