HYDRO BROS Basic Beginner Grow Kit

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Our HYDRO BROS BASIC START KIT is absolutely perfect beginner starter kit specifically put together to ensure it won't take over your room, won't break the bank, but enough for a first time yield. However..we seriously recommend you get an LED kit as they're more efficient and easier to manage!

All you need to add is your choice of medium (soil, coco or a mix such as 60/40), along with your choice of nutrient range!

We recommend going with a soil to start with as these are much more forgiving, and even better still, no need to EC if you were to choose an organic nutrient!

What you get:

  • Grow Tent 1 x 1 x 2m
  • 600w Magnetic Light Kit (bulb, ballast, reflector)
  • 4" Garden High Pro Extractor Fan
  • 4" Rhino Hobby Filter
  • 4" x 5m Aluminium Ducting
  • Pair of Jubilee Clips
  • Heavy Duty Socket Timer
  • Pair of Ratchets
  • 12L Fabric Pots x 4

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