HYBRID SMS Fan Controller


Size: 4A HYBRID SMS Fan Controller
Sale price£297.00


This controller will adjust the speed of your fans and has 5 step transformer that ensures there is no electrical noise, buzzing or humming when you fans are running at a lower speed unlike other controllers. This in turn makes it work very well with acoustic and large fans. It will keep you room within +/- 1 degree of your set temperature.

We recommend that you're outtake fan is about 25% more powerful than you intake fan to create negative pressure in your growing environment.

  • The SMS hybrid controller comes with a 5mt NTC temperature probe.
  • The SMS hybrid controller can be used with just one fan if you don't wish to use two.
  • Both fans plug straight into the SMS, there is no need for any extra wiring.
  • Comes in either 4 Amp, 8 Amp or 16 Amp

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