Hesi SuperVit


Size: 10ml
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HESI SuperVit is a highly concentrated plant stimulator, comprising of 15 plant-active vitamins and 10 amino acids. These vitamins and amino acids are both building blocks and bio-catalysts in general plant metabolism.

HESI SuperVit has the ability to strengthen plants against attack from disease and increase nutrient uptake resulting in green, vigorous plants that produce extremely high yields.

How HESI SuperVit Works

HESI SuperVit works by stimulating your plants via 15 plant-active vitamins and 10 amino acids. These are your plants building blocks for life and help to regulate every aspect of plant health from the root zone to the top of the plant canopy. All plants need vitamins to live, just like humans. Unlike humans, plants can produce all the necessary substances themselves, starting with inorganic fertilisers, water and carbon dioxide.

If additional quantities of these substances are made available to the plants, the plants use them direct and save energy, this energy is then available for other purposes. By adding HESI SuperVit to your feeding regime you're gifting your plants these additional vitamins and amino acids, so they don't have to make their own, allowing your plants to focus on strong, upward growth which leads to impressive blooms of quality

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